The Wmconfig Homepage

Wmconfig is a free tool for creating menu entries for various X window managers. It uses a very simple configuration, it is fast and small. A special toolkit (Gtk or Qt / KDE) is not required and the menu entries may be edited with the text editor of your choice.

The goal is to provide an independent tool without patching any sources. The primary focus for Wmconfig is DragonFlyBSD, but it will run and work under various systems.

Wmconfig is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

For questions, bug reports, help requests or if you miss the Window manager of your choice, feel free to mail me (Tommy Scheunemann) at:

n e t (a t) a r r i s h q . n e t

preferred with Gpg (my public key).

Wmconfig is Charity-Ware, so please support a non-profit or a welfare organization like doctors without borders.