Wmconfig News and Releases

Version 1.5.1
Fixing a minor bug in the freedesktop output

Version 1.5.0
HaZe output support

Version 1.4.11
Enforcing POSIX compatibility during compilation

Version 1.4.10
Fixing a minor bug in the freedesktop menu inclusion

Version 1.4.9
Fixing a potention double-free error
Updated E17 and E19 output

Version 1.4.8
AfterStep, Freedesktop, Ede, IceWM, Jwm, KDE, Mlvwm outputs fixed to honor icon options
Bug in Qvwm output fixed

Version 1.4.7
Minor code cleanup removing internal bugs

Version 1.4.6
Minor code cleanup removing unused functions

Version 1.4.5
Sawfish output support
Minor code cleanup
Spec file for RPM packages added
Debian directory for DEB packages added

Version 1.4.4
Fix of a possible memory leak error
Ensuring better portability

Version 1.4.3
Freedesktop output updated, now more flexible
Updated manpage

Version 1.4.2
Sithwm output support
Minor code cleanup

Version 1.4.1
Jwm output support
Wmconfig now compiles by default with FORTIFY_SOURCE, PIE and stack protector

Version 1.4.0
Launcher output removed, will be replaced with a better frontend in the future
Fvwm95 and Fvmw2 output merged
Minor code cleanup with file creation functions (e.g Freedesktop outputs)

Version 1.3.9
Improved compatibility with Clang compiler

Version 1.3.8
I18n Support (English, French, German, Russian)

Version 1.3.7
Workaround for E17 removed
Minor code cleanup

Version 1.3.6
Workaround to let E17 parse the terminal value

Version 1.3.5
Freedesktop Output updated

Version 1.3.4
Thanks to Trey Williams for fixing a bug in the UDE output

Version 1.3.3
The KDE, Gnome, XFCE, E17 and LXDE Output have been merged into the generic Freedesktop output.

Version 1.3.2
The Gnome support has been updated again and should now work directly without any editing

Version 1.3.1
The Gnome support has been updated for versions 2.30

Version 1.3.0
The Gnome support has been updated again and should now work directly without any editing
The Gnome support has been updated for versions 2.28
Bug in the Fvwm2 output has been fixed

Version 1.2.9
The open function now supports non-BSD systems better
KDE4 support added

Version 1.2.8
Pekwm support updated - Thanks to Fulvio Ciriaco
Openbox support updated - Openbox now output Pipe_Read menus
Xfce4 support updated

Version 1.2.7
Support for Enlightenment DR17 was added

Version 1.2.6
Updated again the Gnome support
Replaced the fopen function with open

Version 1.2.5
Updated Gnome Support for Gnome V2.12
Generic Freedesktop Output Support
KDE1, KDE2 and KDE3 Outputs support directory option
Enlightenment Theme menu output removed
GUI Support
Thanks for Sergey for writing the GUI support module

Version 1.2.4
Launcher support for Xfce and Kahakai added
Amiwm and Xfce output fixed
Alpha platform bug fixed

Version 1.2.3
Launcher modified for automatic menu integration
Mlvwm icon output fixed
Amiwm and Openbox output fixed
The --no-promote option is used by default
The --check-existence option is used by default
You may use --promote or --no-check-existence

Version 1.2.2
Tk application launcher added
Bug in the option parser fixed

Version 1.2.1
Tvtwm, Piewm, Vtwm output support
Wmx and Flwm output support
Bug in Fvwm2 and Fvwm95 output fixed
Support for Restart and Quit functions
Merged sample configuration files

Version 1.2.0
Thanks to Romildo for the
New Enlightenment support (please see the Config Guide)
Gnome2 output fixed
Ude output fixed
Xfce (Xfdesktop) support

Version 1.1.9
Epiwm support
Ude (Unix desktop environment) support
Ede (Equinox desktop environment) support
Terminal option support

Version 1.1.8
Enlightenment support
Sapphire support
Pwm support

Version 1.1.7
Samples updated
Gnome2 Support updated

Version 1.1.6
Support for more platforms (IA64 ...)

Version 1.1.5
Amiwm output support
Kahakai output support

Version 1.1
Gnome2 Vfolder Output support

Fixed Icewm output
Fixed Mlvwm output

Version 1.0
Output support for Pekwm, Golem and Fluxbox added.
Problems with Cygwin environment fixed

Version 0.9.9
Output support for: AfterStep, Blackbox, Fvwm, Fvwm2, Fvwm95, Icewm, KDE1, KDE2, KDE3, Mlvwm, Mwm, Olwm, Olvwm, Qvwm, Twm and WindowMaker